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ActivTrack for GoldMine

ActivTrack for GoldMine


ActivTrack for GoldMine - At last - full , configurable, seamless integration between GoldMine and Constant Contact                                                     

Create email marketing campaigns seamlessly linking GoldMine to Constant Contact: track open, forward, bounce-tracking and unsubscribe features with full real time monitoring and management from within your GoldMine database.  

Download Guide: Click Here

Download Trial:  Click Here (please call 0845 65 88 121 or email for your evaluation code. You will need your GoldMine HDA / contract number.

  • Update History and scheduled activity based on what happens to the email -e.g. a Bounce Event shown here.
  • Track each campaign and measure its success from within GoldMine.
  • Update Fields and Details based on outcomes - e.g. BAD for bad details, NO to show Opted out contacts to comply with data protection

Email Marketing by Constant Contact makes it easy to create professional-looking emails—fast and with no technical expertise. With more than 300 easily customised email templates, a step-by step Email Wizard, and point-and-click interface, you can create high-impact email newsletters and promotions in just minutes. And with Constant Contact, seamlessly integrated to GoldMine, it's easy for you to manage your contact email lists and measure results from inside GoldMine itself.

How do I manage an email marketing campaign from within GoldMine?

Identify target Group in GoldMine

Select opt ins and opt outs using merge codes

Include and exclude items based on GoldMine Details, if required

Select Fields to export /map GoldMine fields to Constant Contact Fields

Send data to Constant Contact in one click

Select template and GoldMine list in Contact Contact and send

The Poller (below) will track the emails and update GoldMine according to your instructions.

ActivTrack goes far beyond the regular integration provided 'out of the box'. It is a complete solution which allows you to customise the way in which your campaigns are written back to GoldMine and track the way in which your customers engage with campaigns.


 • Your GoldMine data is automatically uploaded to Constant Contact - no more fiddling around with spreadsheets and exports.

The Poller can be started and stopped from the Desktop and can read multiple campaigns. 

This example shows the Constant Contact Campaign being automatically generated in GoldMine, fields updated, activities scheduled and merge codes updated to reflect opt outs and bounces.

Price £750  - Per Network Installation

System Requirements

GoldMine Premium Edition v 9 or higher Maintenance after year one is 20% of software cost, includes 30 minutes of support time.   A training workshop is recommended for those users who are new to marketing with GoldMine.


To discuss your requirements further tel: 0845 6588 121 or e-mail: