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Bespoke Development

Bespoke Development


Systems Integration & Bespoke Development are becoming of increasing significance as our clients increasingly wish to 'close the loop' between various departments.

We will be happy to liaise with suppliers of complementary systems to develop any relevant links that are required. Our systems integration team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you in detail.

We have a team of systems integrators dedicated to extending the functionality of your CRM system via bespoke work. Typically, development work is carried out using Delphi/ASP development via the Application Programming Interfaces supplied with our products.

  • Popular integration/bespoke work includes the following:
  • Web Interfaces and forms
  • Integration to accounts packages
  • Links to Sales Order Processing - e.g. SAP
  • Bespoke interfaces to cater for sales methodologies - e.g. Miller Heimann.
  • Links to credit scoring applications

To discuss your requirements further tel: 0845 6588 121 or contact us.....