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ActivSMS for GoldMine

ActivSMS for GoldMine

Prior Analytics offer a number of Utility applications for GoldMine Premium Edition


ActivSMS for GoldMine provides a cost effective and easy-to-use solution for a mobile workforce or customer-base wanting to text message.


ActivSMS User Guide.pdf (772kb PDF)
ActivSMS Program (1492kb EXE) [requires an activation code]

ActivSMS for GoldMine - Text Messaging from within GoldMine

The use of text messages in business has only been realised recently. From a business perspective the ability to send SMS messages directly from GoldMine has many advantages.

Unlike email, the SMS (text messaging) medium can contact your target audience directly at any time. Of course such power has to be used carefully for permission based marketing only.

Companies can send out content specific SMS messages to inform customers of new services, product update information, and reminders for renewals, etc.

Text messaging can also be used to communicate with staff members. For example contacting an individual member of staff of the need to call the office, or to broadcast to all staff members the date of a company meeting.

The text messaging solution for GoldMine from Activip called ActivSMS includes the following features:

  • Recognises GoldMine's filters and groups for sending text messages en mass
  • Templates can be created for personalised messages
  • Sends to both GoldMine's primary and additional contacts
  • A signature can be inserted into each text message
  • Records a GoldMine history item for each text message sent
  • Works with GoldMine 5, 6, 7 and PE on either dBase or MS SQL.
  • What are credits?

Credits roughly equate to a text - depending on the network and country.
In the UK this works out as:

O2 - 1.5 Credits
T-Mobile (One-2-One & Virgin) - 1.5 Credits
Orange - 1.5 Credits
Vodafone - 1.5 Credits
Guernsey Telecoms - 1 Credit
Jersey Telecom - 1 Credit

Activmail for GoldMine

ActivMail allows you to send an email shot and/or to export contact details to excel for a mail shot after creating a highly customised group of contacts. You can create the group identifying primary and/or additional contact; further refine your choice of contacts using merge codes or email merge codes on both an include and exclude basis and add individual contacts to the final list. Additionally, you can choose to create a history item for each contact exported. The utility can also be used to add or remove Email or Mail merge codes of the specified group you create within the utility.

Sold on a per site basis, this product retails for £295.00 GBP.

ActivMail Features:

  • Target based on both Email and Mail Merge Codes at the same time
  • Use exclusions based upon Email and Mail Merge codes - important for Data Protection Act compliance.
  • Target based on an existing GoldMine Group
  • Target based on SQL queries
  • Apply secondary checks based upon Details
  • Manually Add and Remove contacts
  • Choose to pull out both primary and/or additional contacts from GoldMine
  • Review the target list and then perform a number of actions including:

- Create history items on-mass
- Create Email merge blasts from GoldMine (these are set to queued emails)
- Create a New GoldMine Group
- Export to Excel (you can define the fields)
- Update Merge Codes (appends doesnt overwrite like GoldMine!)
- Upload to ConstantContact