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GoldMine Premium

GoldMine Premium

GMPE Dashboard


Introducing GoldMine Premium Edition 2017, the award  winning CRM solution product line.

GoldMine is the easiest to use CRM package on the market.

Your CRM solution needs to be powerful, easy to use and maintain. Only  GoldMine brings all this together in a package that’s affordable for any business.
Are you thinking about upgrading your existing GoldMine system to 2017?  
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Eliminate duplication with a central database of prospects, customers, and suppliers with easy sharing
Target the right contacts with segmented marketing campaigns, including calls, email, and direct mail
Increase sales productivity by monitoring the sales pipeline and streamlining follow ups and reminders 
Improve customer loyalty by recording and following up on all customer service requests
New Web Client
Optional Mobile Edition supports iOS and Android smartphones and tablets 

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase Revenue
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Management Oversight

GoldMine Premium Edition supports all your sales, marketing and customer service business needs through powerful customer relationship management features, including relationship management, marketing automation, sales force automation, and customer service and support administration.

GoldMine Premium Edition will positively impact your productivity, customer capabilities, and will continue to help you better manage your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts.

Complete CRM Dashboards: provide instant access into GoldMine data. With Dashboards clients may quickly view sales, marketing and customer service business information for quicker response time to clients. Dashboards may also be copied, edited, or added by clients so their exact business needs can be matched with these powerful real-time analysis tool. GoldMine dashboards are also action oriented so users can drill into the actual transaction records for real time decision making!

Microsoft Outlook Integration: robust integration provides users a preview of GoldMine information directly from Outlook without having to switch back and forth between the two applications. GoldMine information is not only viewable, but users can drill into GoldMine records for edits or further business follow-up. This powerful integration helps improve user adoption and knowledge sharing across the company.

Relationship Management

GoldMine Premium Edition consolidates customer information in one convenient location, which enables sales, service and marketing teams to view consistent data and similar facts across all facets of the organization.

Contact list views include preview panes for quick navigation to detailed information of any contact.

Contact record tabs can be reordered per user specific requirements and more can be displayed on the screen for added information.

Gain a holistic view of any customer maintained in GoldMine to effectively communicate with the entire client base.

Daily Activity Management features enable all users to manage day to day tasks and email conversations Activity List preview pane visually displays open and closed activities, email communications and more.

Quickly schedule calls, appointments, and to-do's for any contact with the click of a button.

Calendar views provide insight into each users daily, weekly and monthly activities. Group calendars enable managers to view subordinates calendar information.

Sales Management

Opportunity Management

GoldMine helps sales agents and sales manager maintain a consistent selling process with visible results

Assists account representatives in determining which markets they sell most effectively, which competitors they have a higher chance of winning against, and what sales activities and tactics can help shorten a sell cycle for optimal customer wins

Quickly create Projects based off of opportunity information. GoldMine allows you to track detailed information about the clients, project status, source, and timeframe of any project

Forecast Management

Forecast features allow managers to view each opportunity in the system and enable all levels of management understand the big picture, to help keep sales cycles on track

Compare actual sales and forecasted sales vs. quota so users stay focused on reaching their sales quotas

Administer forecast pipelines in real-time for the greatest revenue impact

Marketing Automation

Campaign Management

Improve marketing effectiveness and target the right contacts for each campaign by using intuitive campaign creation features in GoldMine

Better understand your customer targets and marketing activities.

Campaign wizard helps lists contacts which qualify for specific campaigns, automatically generate each user's activities and helps marketing managers create and initiate email campaigns.

Lead Management

Analyze the value of various lead characteristics using the Leads Analysis tools in GoldMine Premium Edition

Automated process helps automate common business tasks such as sending emails, updating lead information, or scheduling lead activities

Track sales for closed loop reporting and campaign effectivenes

Customer Support

Case Management

Customer Service and Support functionality enables tracking, resolution and reporting of service requests resulting in improved client satisfaction and better customer retention

Customer service center permits all support agents to accept incoming service requests, be alerted with upcoming and urgent cases, and share client information across support teams

Places important client information in the hands of your service agents so they can resolve service request quickly and accurately

Knowledge Base

GoldMine users can leverage powerful Knowledge Base features to help analyze and resolve customer service issues

Supports an organizational content structure for all teams to access, as well as, each user can develop their own, individual knowledge base content

Easily store content in comprehensive file and folder formats, and search knowledge base by keywords, topics and more

Dashboards & Reporting

One of the key new features of GoldMine is that it provides a powerful set of CRM Dashboards for marketing, sales and customer service. These provide both ‘Real-time’ and historical analysis in an easy to understand graphical format.

In addition, the inbuilt report centre contains many out of the box reports allowing users and managers to analyse many various aspects of the GoldMine data.

Trained and authorised users can leverage the power of third party reporting tools such as Microsoft SQL Reporting Services and Crystal Reports.