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GoldMine Corporate Edition Tips & Tricks

GoldMine Corporate Edition Tips & Tricks


Please find a list of tips and tricks for GoldMine Corporate edition below:

My GoldMine help files won't display, whats wrong?

This is caused by Windows update #KB896358, an HTML fix, that was released mid-June '06. This Windows update makes Microsoft think that running a .chm (Compiled HTML File) is a security risk over a network. There are several ways to correct this. On each effected workstation, you can remove the update by going through windows add/remove programs or you can modify a key in the Registry as described below.

Copy the following into notepad, save as a .reg file and then double-click on it to add it to the registry of each machine.


Prior Analytics highly recommend you backup the registry before carrying out this procedure.

Switching off HTML Notes from GoldMine History and Pending

How do I turn off HTML formatting of notes in GoldMine's pending and history tab?
To turn HTML formatting off in all Notes, place the following entry in the [GoldMine] section of your GM.INI file.


Quick Logon to GoldMine:

To have your username (and password if required) automatically entered into the Login screen for GoldMine so you only need to put your password add the following syntax to the end of the Target in the properties of the shortcut:


for example

c:Program FilesGoldMinegmw.exe /u:USERNAME /p:PASSWORD

This will work with all versions of GoldMine Standard, Corporate and Premium.