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GoldMine Enterprise Edition Tips & Tricks

GoldMine Enterprise Edition Tips & Tricks

Actipro License Error

Getting the Actipro license error? 


1. Close ITSM Administrator
2. Extract attached zip-file
3. Open/Run the registry file 'Actipro-syntaxeditor.reg' (

Download the zip here

Executing SQL Through JScript

This MUST be created as a named expression

import System
import Fusion
import Fusion.Api

class FusionScriptWrapper implements IScriptWrapper
     function FusionScriptWrapper()
          // place constructor logic here

     function Process(currentBusinessObject : Fusion.Api.BusinessObject, currentField : Fusion.Api.Field) : Object
          var objReturn : Object

          // place code to be run here

 var oConn = new ActiveXObject("ADODB.Connection");
 oConn.Open("Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=MUMBLES;User ID=gmee;Password=gmee;");
 oConn.ConnectionTimeout = 3000;

          return objReturn

Simple Alerts Through JScript

This is a simple way to insert an "alert" or "message" into your Jscript. I use this all the time for debugging or simply reminding users of next steps:

var alert=new ActiveXObject("")
alert.Popup ("Please press the big red button.")

I've been asked how to make this display with multiple lines:

var alert=new ActiveXObject("")
alert.Popup ("Line 1"+char(13)+"Line 2"+char(13)+"Line 3") 

JScript Writing To File

Simple demonstration of writing to a file. Again I've done this as part of wider JScript so using a quick action didn't work for me.

// Instantiate a File System ActiveX Object:
var fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
// Invoke the method:
var a = fso.CreateTextFile("c:testfile.txt", true);
// Do something with it:
a.WriteLine("You can use this to write an XML file, CSV or whatever is required");
// Close the connection: