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GoldMine Mobile

GoldMine Mobile


GoldMine Mobile Edition gives customers instant access to the latest customer information ensuring you never miss a sales activity or customer service engagement.

GM Mobile
On the move...
GoldMine Mobile Edition puts contact details, daily activities, as well as sales and service information into one, easy-to-use integrated application – providing your mobile employees with instant access to vital information. Never be surprised or be caught unaware during a client meeting because you lack client knowledge.

In the office...
Integration into the mobile environment provides you increased control and visibility of your sales pipeline, customer interactions and service activities, as they happen. This integration improves sales team collaboration and delivers better performance from service teams on the front line.

In your hands...
GoldMine Mobile Edition 9.0 enables you to start on the right foot. Gain the sales advantage you need to close more deals since mobile teams will have client information, including customer issues on hand, while your service team can improve customer retention levels by performing high value service activities.

Improve Business Relationships, from Anywhere, Anytime....

  • Today’s tough business environment favours those who tightly track their client activities and are quick to respond to all types of customer needs. Having the right information in the palm of your hand puts you in control.
  • It is important to build customer satisfaction and loyalty through service engagements.
  • Provide all your service team members instant access to their case, customer and service activities while they are working on client service requests.
  • Improve your sales performance
  • Real time information increases sales agility.
  • Improve overall sales efficiencies by providing users with contact and forecasted sales information while on the road and in front of customers. Gather the most recently updated sales data available from the field, providing you with a current snapshot for analysis and action.