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HEAT Tips & Tricks

HEAT Tips & Tricks

Changing Form Colour based on a Value:

HEAT form colour is normally static and can as default only be changed within different viewsets. However using a combination of Webdings and Advanced Colour it is possible to get the form colour to change based on any value.

In this example I want my CallLog form colour to change to red if looking at a priority 1 call.

Within the Administration module go into Quick Customize mode.

1. Add a static text item to the CallLog form (font: Webdings, size:720, text:g) 
2. Position the box behind your CallLog fields (font colour set to yellow while sizing and positioning)
3. Go to the attributes of the square: text>>colour – set the colour to match your form colour (making the square invisible)
4. Go to the attributes of the square: text>>colour>>advanced – set values
5. Verify and Apply your quick changes

Now in Call Logging when viewing a Priority 1 call the form colour appears as red.

HEAT Smart Prompts:

Smart Prompts are a great way to dynamically ask questions in HEAT. An example is when you choose a priority and a priority automatically fills in. In essence a smart prompt is a fancy name for multiple auto-fills happening at the same time.

A good example is from the demo database, where we choose Employee Setup for the call type. The detail appears and a drop-down from the Sub CallType table is available. From that drop-down, we can choose from three values: Change Access, Employee Departure and Setup New Employee. In this example I chose Change Access.

Smart Prompt for HEAT

Notice that when I validate to the table and view the record for Change Access, I see all the fancy pre-set questions at the bottom of that form. These are the values that will auto-fill when I choose the Sub Type Change Access!