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Sage CRM

Sage CRM


Winning and retaining customers is essential to building a profitable and successful business. Exceptional customer service is a key driver that differentiates one organisation from another.

Award winning Sage CRM manages all aspects of your communications with prospects and customers. This provides a 360 degree picture of the performance of your organisation and teams, providing the management team with the information that they need to plan and drive productivity.

Sage CRM links the Sales, Marketing and Customer Care teams together because they all share one system. This provides the business with a single view of all customers, prospects and suppliers.

Sage CRM is fast to deploy and exceptionally user-friendly so that users can get up and running within a very short timeframe. The extensive customisability features enable the solution to be tailored to match individual business needs, whilst powerful workflow capabilities take care of streamlining internal business processes. As it's designed to run in a web browser users have access to vital customer information at any time, from any location.

  • Bring together sales, marketing and customer care under one universal umbrella.
  • Improve sales performance with powerful tools that help sales professionals find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily.
  • Marketing automation targets the right contacts at the right time with suitable messaging to make the most of available marketing resource.
  • Customer Service automation enables customer service teams to resolve customer issues speedily and efficiently.
  • Sage CRM has an extensive set of customisation features that allow the system to be configured to meet specific business requirements.
  • Anytime, anywhere access via a Web Browser.

The Interactive Dashboard

The Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard is a customisable workspace from which all team members can manage their daily tasks and activities to ensure maximum productivity and forms the heart of the system. 
It can be customised to display relevant information from within Sage CRM itself – for example the number of new leads generated daily, the number of support calls resolved and the value of deals closed. It can also pull in feeds from websites and information from other systems such as accounts or ERP. Pre-installed dashboards are available out-of-the-box or users can customise their own, (or team), dashboard with content that is relevant to their personal needs and role.

Users can monitor their opportunities and pipeline, manage their calendar and appointments, and identify powerful networking opportunities from LinkedIn®, Twitter and other social media sites from this customisable workspace. This removes the need for users to switch between screens which saves them time and boosts productivity. Content and layout can be customised quickly and easily using drag and drop.

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