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Sage CRM Integration with Mailchimp

Sage CRM 7.3 provides a new integration with MailChimp for email marketing campaigns. In this guide we will walk through an overview of the integration and illustrate a Sage CRM MailChimp campaign driven through the Sage CRM user interface.

Is it time to jet wash your CRM data?

The sun is shining and we are all starting to dream about sun loungers and Pina coladas. So, in the same way that you hose down your patio in readiness for barbecue season, perhaps you should start thinking about giving the data in your CRM system a good clean too?

Fast, cost effective Postcode Capture for GoldMine

Capture Plus (Postcode Anywhere) for GoldMine is a new postcode capture interface for GoldMine users which rapidly improves data quality and increase the speed of address data entry.

Start 2016 with a GoldMine Upgrade

Are you running an old, legacy version of GoldMine? We know that there are many GoldMine customers still using GoldMine Standard Edition and GoldMine Corporate Edition who are beginning to struggle to keep compatibility with new releases of Office, SQL and new versions of Windows.

GoldMine 2015 is Here

GoldMine Premium Edition 2015.1 has now been released with mainly additional capabilities for the GoldMine Web feature (a new feature of GoldMine to access GoldMine live via the Web)

Using Cloning to modify a Communication Report for All Users in Sage CRM 7.2

Using Cloning to modify a Communication Report for All Users in Sage CRM 7.2