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Improved sales, happier customers and faster updates to your CRM


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Improved sales, happier customers and faster updates to your CRM

Tuesday 25th September 2012


Here at Prior we love new tools for our business and it just gets better when they are quick and easy to implement into our daily lives.

Now, we could natter on for an age about the technology behind the wonders of  mobile  but we think that would bore you a little bit, so we are going to talk about why it’s so beneficial to your business to have your CRM system in your pocket and how you can get your hands on it!

At the moment the mobile CRM systems we offer can be used on both the iPhone and the iPad which we know you are drooling over, or is that just us? So not only do you get to take out your pretty envious phone but you can use it to your business advantage – we call that a win-win.

Here’s a situation we’ve been in a few times and where the handiness of our mobile CRM has saved us (and made us look great to our customers). We receive a call from a colleague whilst we are on the way to a meeting. They explain that a client is in need of instant help and that they have updated their details with their issue so we’re prepared. Out comes the iPhone, we open the CRM system quickly; access all their details, the questions from the call and their preferred contact number. After we have resolved the problem we can close the case in the system so that our office based team are updated and also now have the new email address the client happened to mention in the call – pretty awesome we think! We looked great to the client because we called them so quickly and they didn’t even have to go through their problems again with us – we were up to speed and ready to help.

Using GoldMine Mobile  whilst you’re out and about ensures that you have complete visibility to your office based CRM. Make one change whilst you’re on the train to a meeting and you know that you are updating your main office database in real time.

We are sure you are already thinking of the possibilities, but here are a few we love about mobile:

  •  Improve sales team collaboration and deliver better performance from service teams on the front line and produce real-time forecast information.
  •  Integration into the mobile environment gives you increased control and visibility of your sales pipeline, customer interactions and service activities.
  •  Apps are developing all the time ensuring that you will be given new and business changing tools constantly without having to update systems which can be time-consuming and costly.

Are you  ready to find out how GoldMine Mobile can supports all your mobile CRM business needs? Contact us now to chat through your CRM requirements and arrange your no obligation free trial.


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