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What's New in Nimble?


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What's New in Nimble?

Tuesday 2nd October 2012


What’s New in Nimble

The latest Nimble release was designed entirely with customer engagement in mind and is the first social selling platform that empowers companies to nurture their customers through social listening and engagement, helping them turn their social communities into customers for life.

Nimble’s new version gives social businesses a competitive edge by integrating social discovery, engagement and collaboration.

Social Discovery

Nimble brings greater insight to every contact. A contact is no longer a flat, static, business-card-like record of contact details that your sales person types in, but instead has become a dynamic dashboard of social insight about the contact. Nimble has integrated with foursquare for location engagement and shows shared connections from your social graph. Nimble already showed an integrated conversation history with a contact – whether the exchange happened in email, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin. Nimble now automatically associates Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter profiles to a contact when it's confident in a match. Now contacts come to life even more with live, actionable social streams from across a contact’s networks.

foursquare Integration - Get to Know Your Contacts Better

foursquare is a social app that helps you and your contacts connect based on location. Now when friends, prospects or customers check-in near you or at your place of business you gain deeper insight into her interests and it creates an opportunity for engagement. With Nimble's new foursquare integration, you can import contacts from foursquare and see their check-ins and mayorships.

foursquare Integration


Shared Connections - Use the Power of Social Connections to Close Your Next Deal

Calling on a cold contact out of the blue is a tough way to make a sale. But chances are, you are only a degree or two of separation away from anyone you want to know in your business. In today's socially connected world, it's possible to map out those relationships and identify who knows that key prospect. From there you can focus on getting a warm introduction and dramatically increasing your chances of making a sale. Nimble now identifies shared connections you have with each contact based on your shared connections.

Shared Connections


Social Profile MappingAutomatically link a contact to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts

The world is a crowded place, and while each of us is unique, our names aren't always so. Trying to match “Kim Smith” or “John Lee” to their social identities can be a struggle. But if you can find the right LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter match, you've got deep insight into a contact's work history, travels, interests, and ruminations, and an opportunity for a richer, more fulfilling relationship. When confident in a match, Nimble automatically links social profiles to a contact using our powerful, proprietary algorithms.

Social Profile Mapping


Social streams in the contact card Turn One-Dimensional Identities into Three-Dimensional People

The problem with business cards and a traditional rolodex is they are a static and flat representation of a person, often containing just a phone number or email address. Nimble aims to transform contacts from a one-dimensional cards into rich, three-dimensional, living and breathing people. Nimble already links all of your communication to each contact and provides quick access to social profiles. Now Nimble shows the social social stream – across all of the contacts social networks – on the contact record. Opening a contact record is now like opening a book into the life of the person.

Social streams in the contact card



Social Engagement

Nimble picks out meaningful engagement opportunities with new and existing connections by looking at social activity and recent communication with each contact to ensure you stay top-of-mind with your most important contacts. Plus it's easier to schedule social posts, import large amounts of contacts, track your notes on each contact, and find your contacts with advanced search on custom fields.

Nimble Daily Digest - Start Your Day with a Dose of Engagement Opportunities

The power of social is profound, but it can be overwhelming to cut through the noise of online social interactions and find those worth engaging on a deeper level. Nimble looks at all the social activity around you and picks out meaningful engagement opportunities with new and existing connections. These opportunities are delivered to your inbox every morning and include selected social notifications pulled from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The Nimble Daily also includes birthdays, job changes, and upcoming tasks and meetings.

Nimble Daily Digest


Schedule Posts - Build Your Brand in a Measured Way

With the great power and reach of social networks comes the great responsibility to build your personal brand carefully and conscientiously – particularly when you intend to use social for business. Nimble provides not only the ability see what others are sharing in their social streams, but also provides tools for crafting your own social identity. With Nimble, it is easier to share posts with a simpler UI that automatically shortens links and provides the ability to schedule posts for the future. The ability to schedule posts allows you to queue up content and have it broadcast to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook when it can be most impactful.

Schedule Posts
Schedule Posts


Relationship MonitoringStay Top-of-Mind with Your Most Important Contacts

Every introduction, every potential deal, and every success adds to the challenge of staying top of mind with the contacts that are most important to you right now. This struggle is compounded by a constantly shifting set of priorities and multi-channel social conversations. Nimble lays the groundwork for more powerful relationship nurturing by automatically linking recent communications and activities across your calendars, email accounts and social streams to your contacts; you won’t have to log another email, appointment or social conversation again. Now last-contacted information is highlighted and sortable in Nimble. Soon Nimble will evaluate each contact based on recency and frequency of interaction and will automatically remind you when someone is slipping away to ensure you stay top-of-mind with your most important contacts.

Relationship Monitoring


Rapportive Widget Take Nimble With You To GMail

Most people spend a big chunk of their day in their favorite email application, but the email app isn't usually connected to their CRM. With Nimble, your contacts now follow you into your most-used app, Gmail, with a new plug-in. When you are reading an email from a Nimble contact – or hover your mouse over an email address in a thread – the contact details appear in the Rapportive widget. If the contact isn’t in Nimble, you can easily import him with the click of a button.

Rapportive Widget


Custom Field Search - Hyper-target Your Communications

A metal detector is to a needle in a haystack what search is to a database. Custom fields allow you to capture and retain more insight about your contacts, but without search – search that is powerful and simple to use – your stored insight is not actionable. Nimble includes the ability to search across all of your data, including custom fields, enabling you to hyper-target your communications to your community and create stronger relationships.

Custom Field Search


Log a Note - Link Rich-Text Notes to Contact

The humble notebook is a simple, yet profound tool for capturing ideas and observations for future reference. While the pocket notebook and sticky note offered great advancements for this simple purpose, there is nothing quite so valuable as a note contextually linked to the people to which it refers. Nimble brings the ability to log a note, link it to any number of contacts, and compose it with rich text formatting.

Log a Note


Contact Import Limit - Import Up To 50,000 Contacts at a Time

Nimble is a powerful tool for bringing together your contacts from many disparate locations into one place and helping you nurture the new and important contacts in your network. To take full advantage of this power, you must overcome the burden of getting all of your contacts into Nimble. In this new Nimble version, import limits have increased to 10,000 per list for social networks, and 50,000 for CSV files.

Contact Import Limit



Social Collaboration

Whether your team spans twenty cities or just two desks, getting work done together can be a big challenge. Nimble makes it easier to coordinate activities and ensure people are executing the right priorities with the right context.

Task NotificationsCoordinate Your Activities with Context

Too often when you assign a task to someone on your team, it drops into a black hole of obscurity. Does the person you assigned it to understand the request? Has the work been completed or reassigned? In Nimble, tasks are a boon for team productivity because they can be easily linked to contacts and deals. Now with task notifications in Nimble, teams are even more effective. Notifications about important updates to a task find you in your inbox and inform you when a team member assigns, comments on, or completes a task. Soon these notifications will appear in the web application as well.

Task Notifications


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