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Exclusive to Prior Analytics - Link GoldMine to Duedil via GM + View


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Exclusive to Prior Analytics - Link GoldMine to Duedil via GM + View

Thursday 11th October 2012


Simply click on the GM + View in GoldMine CRM and the Duedil details of the company whose record you’re on within GoldMine will be displayed in a single click.

Duedil GoldMine


A company registration field within GoldMine links the Contact to the Duedil data.  If you haven’t populated the company registration field, no worries, the Duedil screen will automatically start a search to find it for you.

Why use Duedil with GoldMine?

In our socially connected, high speed world, a business that isn’t honest or doesn’t look after its customers can be easily found out and its reputation damaged. Social media has increased the transparency of the companies we deal with on a daily basis and recent banking scandals and the bite of the recession mean that we all want transparency in our business dealings.

This is why Duedil (Due Diligence) has created a powerful business tool that aims to educate users by providing them with a full business history.  As things stand, there aren’t many tools that allow you to research the company you want to create a relationship with in a few clicks, directly from your CRM contact record.

Duedil stores over 10 billion pieces of information, all indexed to consolidate financials, litigations and credit scores of the UK’s 7.7 million companies.  This makes publicly available business data super simple to find and understand.

Once you’ve entered the name of a business, Duedil instantly flashes up the registered details of the company, its directors, financials, location, website and credit score – it even shows the investments the company has made along with former aliases and financial documents. All of this information is obtainable by manual searches but it would take forever to find. Instead, Duedil combines it all into one easy to use dashboard.

Duedil also has a strong social element, tying into Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once the networks are connected; friends and colleagues associated with the company will appear in the sidebar, providing an inside look at a company beyond its public face. Businesses are also able to be “followed”, keeping the user connected to what is happening with their own companies, but also providing them with updates on competing companies and make posts to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Users can give feedback and rate based on Expertise, Service, Timelines and Value, combining to give a representation of the company based on user experience in addition to mere financials.

This view works best with the latest version of GoldMine Premium Edition (9.2) but we can get it working with older versions too.  Please just complete the simple Contact form with your details and we’ll be in touch to get your free-of-charge Duedil/GoldMine link by return.


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