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Help! Do I really need a CRM System?


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Help! Do I really need a CRM System?

Tuesday 6th November 2012

Help! Do I really need a CRM System?

It is without doubt that any organisation needs a Customer Relationship Management Strategy to help them win and keep profitable customers. You should be able to track every customer interaction be it a phone call, web lead, even a single tweet (!) and use the information to profile your contacts in detail.

A well planned and implemented CRM system will help to speed up routine tasks and enforce best practice with the result that individuals within your organisation spend more time on the important things like selling and caring for customers rather than tedious admin tasks.

Have a look through the simple questions below and answer them honestly with a Yes, No, or not sure!


  • Can you quickly and easily import leads from various sources and ensure that they reach the right people for follow up in real-time?
  • Can you create targeted campaigns to send to your prospects and customers then analyse costs and ROI?
  • Do you have a system that helps you to manage your Social marketing activities –e.g. Tweets, Facebook posts and captures the details of your contacts?


  • Do you have a system that provides you with centralised visibility of opportunities and forecast sales?
  • Do your sales people work from formalised activity lists to ensure that they don’t forget essential follow ups?
  • Do you have a mobile solution so that individuals working away from the office are kept in the loop?
  • Do you have a centralised database for all your marketing suspects, sales prospects, and customers with sufficiently detailed information to allow you to target them based on specific criteria?

Customer Service and Support

  • Do you have a mechanism to share customer information across all customer facing teams – e.g. sales, marketing, customer service?
  • Have you an established method of managing customer service requests? How are these managed and prioritised?
  • Are your customers able to log requests for service and support via multiple channels – e.g. phone, email, web, social?

Reporting and MIS

  • Do you have visibility of key metrics – e.g. sales figures and service levels available to view at your fingertips via a report or dashboard?

If you answers are nearly all ‘Yes’, then you’re a CRM superstar – well done, keep it up!  If the answers are mainly ‘No’ or ‘not sure’ then contact us to book in your free-of-charge CRM health check and we will explore the area in much more depth with you and make our recommendations with no obligation or charge.  .

The type of solution that you choose will need to consider your immediate and longer term business needs.  Planning a CRM strategy is the starting point.  You may be asking ‘What is CRM and how will it benefit me?’  Prior will help you determine whether an in-house customer relationship management solution is suitable or initially you will be better served by a web based CRM software solution.  There are CRM solutions to suit companies of all sizes and budgets and our team of consultants will find the best fit for your organisation.  It's not a 'one size fits all scenario'.  Our team are ready to help - call us on 0845 658 8121.


Sebastian wrote "The customer is ineedd always right. The way you present yourself to your customers can make or break your business. If your customers are not satisfied with YOUR service then you can kiss THEIR service goodbye! If you provide good customer service they will more than likely keep coming back and there's nothing like having loyal customers." on Saturday 24th November 2012


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