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Please... Get my beloved GoldMine Contact Record back!


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Please... Get my beloved GoldMine Contact Record back!

Monday 19th November 2012

Software support issues are a bit like buses…. You don’t see one for ages and then three come along at the same time.  A curious trend has been reported in the past few weeks… the dreaded GoldMine record deletion monster has been rearing its ugly head again….

If you have not tied down your access rights, it is easy to accidently delete contact records, so don't beat yourself up too harshly if it happens to you.  The option should be customised in the user settings properties so you can’t click on it by mistake.  This simple precaution prevents most of the accidents as you then need to consciously login as a user with rights to perform the delete.   Unfortunately, many users retain the right to harm data with a couple of errant clicks and then there’s a heart stopping moment when you realise your favourite record is a goner!

What to do?                   

Stay calm!  So long as you’re backing up your MS SQL database on a regular basis we’ll be able to help you.  In fact, wouldn’t it would be wise to check how your backup is running right now?   On your SQL server, open SQL Management Studio (or SQL Enterprise Manager) and connect to the SQL instance on your GoldMine Server.


• Administrator-level access to the SQL server is recommended (have your ‘sa’ password ready)

• SQL Management Studio should be installed and should have access to the GoldMine database

• SQL Integration Services is needed to execute maintenance plans

• Sufficient disk-space should be considered for backup files

• Know which databases GoldMine uses (Tools >> Databases >> Database Alias Manager).

Once you’ve connected, from the tree to the left, find the Management folder and its Maintenance Plans sub-folder. Right-click on Maintenance Plans and select Maintenance Plan Wizard.  Click Next to get the Select Plan Properties page.  Here, you should be able to check if you have a Maintenance Plan running to backup and maintain GoldMine.    If you’re not confident about using the SQL Tools, then please contact us to schedule in a data safety health check to check out both your backup procedure and user access rights.

So…. Get me my record back!

Assuming that you have a backup, Prior have devised a nifty new data recovery utility to grab your missing record and send it back home.

'Data Recover' does exactly what it says on the tin - i.e. allows fast and easy data import and export between GoldMine contact sets.    It’s also useful for migrating data from legacy GoldMine systems into new ones (without actually having to upgrade the old database).

This system is far faster and simpler to use than methods deployed in the past and has been specifically developed to respond to the ‘one record deletion’ issue.

To receive a free, fully working trial copy of Prior Data Recover for GoldMine or to arrange a data safety health check, please contact us or call our customer services team on 0845 658 8121.

And finally… step away from the DELETE button!


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