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Sage CRM Mapping - don't let Santa get lost!


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Sage CRM Mapping - don't let Santa get lost!

Thursday 13th December 2012

When you are planning a business trip (or a major toy delivery trip), you  usually start by looking at a map. How would you like to be able to see your customers on that map? Well now with the Sage CRM Mapping Component you can do just that.

Powered by OpenStreetMap, the free wiki world map, the component allows you to browse your customer visually and see nearby amenities such as cafés and restaurants. You can navigate the map by clicking and dragging, or by entering an address in the search box.
Sage CRM map
There are 5 main map tabs in the component, these are:

The My CRM map - This tab shows the map without any entity in context. If possible, the map will be centred on your current location or the last map location you viewed.

The Company map - This tab shows the map centering in on the company in context.

The Lead map - This tab shows the map centering in on the lead in context.

The Opportunity map - This tab shows the map centering on the company of the in context opportunity.

The Case map - This tab shows the map centering on the company of the in context case.

Plotting a Company on the Map

In order for a company (and its cases and opportunities) to show up on the map, it must first have its location saved. To do this, browse to the company and click the Map tab. You will see something similar to this screen:

The Company's address will be pre-populated in the address search field. The Pin will be positioned in the approximate position of the address. You can drag the map until the pin is in the correct place.  To pin the company to its current position, click the Save Location button. Now that the company location is saved, you can see that the screen has changed to something like the following:

The mapping component can be used in the interactive dashboard to provide a map that interacts with list gadgets. Leads, Companies, Cases and Opportunities can be plotted on the Map and navigated to by selecting them from a list gadget. 


  • Sage CRM v7.1 SP1 or above (On-Premise)
  • Database server must be MS SQL Server 2008 or above
  • CLR must be enabled in MS SQL Server.
  • Users need to have HTTP access to *
How do I get my hands on this?
To request a free copy of the Sage CRM mapping component, please ring 0845 658 8121 or email or get in touch via our contact form
For more information, read the datasheet - UK version.
Watch the video on the Sage CRM YouTube channel.
Please  report feedback etc to the Prior support team using the details above.
Have a very Merry Christmas!



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