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How to Colour Code your GoldMine Calendar Activities


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How to Colour Code your GoldMine Calendar Activities

Monday 28th January 2013


Wouldn’t it be nice to assign a different colour to activity types in you GoldMine  Calendar? This neat little trick using the lookup.ini file allows you to do just that.

First a quick background and explanation what the lookup.ini does and what can it be used for.

The LOOKUP.INI file is created in the GoldMine root directory (e.g. g:\apps\goldmine) using notepad, Word etc. Once configured, GoldMine will reference the file on startup in order to update fields based on data held in other fields.  It is also possible to run applications based on records entered or to change the colour of activities in your calendar depending on their type and activity code. If you make a change to the lookup.ini file, you should log out and log back into GoldMine.

Activity types are pre-defined in GoldMine calendar; in the lookup.ini file they translate to the following:

A: Appointment, C: Call Back, T: Next Action, D: To-Do, M: Message, S: Forecasted Sale, O: Other, E: Event

You can split these activity types into further classifications using your own activity codes. For example you may have different kinds of appointments and wish to distinguish the CUSTOMER MEETING and the SALES DEMO types from each other. To do this you may decide to assign an activity code of CUS to one and DEM to the other as shown on the screenshot below:

GoldMine Appointment

Now you have your activity type and activity code set up, let’s define the default colour for each to make them appear differently in your calendar.

Keeping with the above example let’s assume you want to see CUSTOMER MEETINGS show in blue and SALES DEMOS show in green in your calendar.

To set up the above you need to use this syntax in lookup.ini:

Activity type-activity code=colour code

In our example this translates to: A-CUS=0 – Where A is the activity type, CUS is the activity code and 0 is the colour choice (Bright Blue).

The list of available colour codes is:

0: Bright Blue, 1: Bright Purple, 2: Bright Red, 3: Bright Cyan, 4: Bright Green, 5: Bright Yellow, 6: Cyan, 7: White, 8: Gray, 9: Red, 10: Green, 11: Yellow, 12: Blue, 13: Purple, 14: Dark Gray, 15: Black

 You need to do the following:

1.       Open your lookup.ini from the GoldMine root directory (e.g. g:\apps\goldmine) using notepad, Word etc. If you already have this file, then take a copy of it before you make any changes to it so that you can revert back should you need to.

2.       Paste the code below into the lookup.ini file and make changes as appropriate







3.       Save your changes and restart GoldMine.

4.       When you log back in again your changes will be applied.

5.       Schedule an appointment in your calendar using the codes defined above and see how the colours will change depending on the activity type and code.

 An example of the colour and how it displays in the calendar is below.   Click here to download a PDF factsheet for future reference.

GoldMine Calendar


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