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GoldMine Mobile 9.3.0 Released


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GoldMine Mobile 9.3.0 Released

Thursday 7th February 2013


Prior Analytics is pleased to announce the release of GoldMine Mobile Edition

This version of GoldMine Mobile Edition provides iOS access to the GoldMine E-mail Center, which has been the most frequently-requested enhancement for GMME users.

Key new features are listed below. For more information regarding this release, please view the release notes and readme documents. Note: GoldMine Mobile Edition 9.3.0 requires GoldMine Premium Edition 9.2.1.


The new Mail module provides access to GoldMine’s e-mail folders. To use the Mail module, tap on the Mail icon in the tab bar, and then tap on the Inbox, Filed, or Sent folder or subfolders to view the messages.

Activity lists have been improved to make it easier to filter your activities by type, or to view activities for another user.

GoldMine Mobile Edition now provides an option to remove additional contacts from contact list views, to make it easier to find a primary contact record when there are additional contacts with the same name.

GoldMine Mobile 9.3.0 also includes the enhancements added in GoldMine Mobile 9.2.0, listed below:

GoldMine Mobile now supports Forward and Reply when e-mail messages are read within GoldMine Mobile Edition.

E-mail auto-linking enables GoldMine Mobile Edition to save e-mail messages in contact history directly from the server, without any action required for the end user.  Auto-linking occurs when a user is logged in to GoldMine Mobile Edition and applies only to messages related to GoldMine contacts. 

On the Info screen for an Additional Contact, the related Primary Contact is now displayed.  Tapping on the related Primary Contact will open the Primary Contact info screen.

Troubleshooting is now easier for GoldMine Mobile installations with enhanced event logging.

If you have any questions regarding this release or anything related to GoldMine, please contact us by email or ring on 0845 658 8121.


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