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Nimble 3.0 is Here!


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Nimble 3.0 is Here!

Tuesday 21st May 2013

Nimble + Nimble Blog = Competitive Advantage!



We have some exciting news for you! Nimble 3.0 has been launched today - providing more insights, more engagement and more action. 


Meet Nimble 3.0 - the Simply Insightful Relationship Manager

Here are the most exciting additions to the latest version of Nimble:

  1. Start with Today. No more wasted time sorting through noisy networks --Nimble will surface important people and signals for you. The Today Screen is where you can immediately act on the intelligence Nimble surfaces to you each day. Here you see your Engagement Opportunities (birthdays and job changes), Upcoming Activities, and Deals in your pipeline. 
  2. Actionable Insights. Our new Signals Page presents notifications across social networks (invitations, likes, shares, connection requests, and mentions) to help you proactively take advantage of opportunities in real-time. Filter your streams by what is most important to you and take action.

  3. Stay in Touch. The new Last Contacted feature and Reminder tool make it effortless to stay informed and engaged with your contacts. You can easily see who you’re losing touch with or have not been in contact with in a given time period.
  4. Apps Galore! Nimble understands that your workflow doesn't start and end with our solution. So we're announcing over 100 new integrations with popular worktools through the Apps Marketplace.
Try Nimble 3.0 for Yourself
What are you waiting for? Sign in now to experience how Nimble is making managing your contacts even easier.




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