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Start 2016 with a GoldMine Upgrade


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Start 2016 with a GoldMine Upgrade

Tuesday 26th January 2016

What is the latest Version of GoldMine?
Did you know that GoldMine Premium is now the most widely used version of GoldMine’s hugely popular contact management suite? If you plan an upgrade now, you’ll be able to start the new financial year enjoying all the new enhancements, mitigating your risk from any incompatibility – and by upgrading you preserve both your data and configuration in a seamless upgrade.
Why will GoldMine Premium Edition 2015.2 benefit me?
  • Full compatibility with Windows 10 and Office 2016 – the most frequently requested reasons to plan an upgrade this year. 
  • Mobile responsive, powerful new GoldMine Web version which is easy to administer with just one point of installation.
  • Maintenance contracts now include an ongoing and cumulative program of service packs that deliver ongoing reliability and performance and include the most requested items from customers.  CONCURRENT licences make the whole system far more affordable than other solutions which rapidly become expensive by using named licencing.
  • A simple, modern, clean and intuitive new user interface which still delivers power when needed.
  • Easier browser based access with a mobile responsive design that provides the same interface and functionality from PC in office or on the go, to tablets, and smartphones
Why should I choose Prior Analytics to help?
Prior Analytics have been upgrading GoldMine systems for eighteen years this October.  We have a tried and trusted mechanism and work through full advance checklists with you. Unlike other providers, we will always conduct a full upgrade cycle in test for you at no obligation.  So, there are no hidden surprises on your Go live Day.  
  • We will plan the upgrade as a project - this will ensure that the disruption to users is kept to an absolute minimum - the last thing you want is system down time.
  • Many GoldMine systems are integrated to other systems and use additional tools such as Quotewerks, Crystal Reports etc. We run an audit in advance to ensure that you don't lose any compatibility, all your reports still work etc.
  • On older systems, it is very important to apply each patch in the correct order. You can't simply hop from a very old version to a very new one.  We know the fastest, safest routes to take for successful upgrades.
  • You need to make sure that you don't lose any customisations that you've put in place.  We understand how to seamlessly upgrade without any loss of configuration.
  • It makes sense to 'spring clean'  your database as part of the upgrade process. Our unique GoldMine Toolkit makes fast work of filing redundant emails, completing old history items and checking the actual integrity of  your database as part of the process.
Once you’re running the latest GoldMine version you’ll be able to obtain a wealth of useful tools for your shiny new system.  You will be able to text straight from GoldMine with ActivSMS, tweet straight from GoldMine with GoldTweet and send your customers newsletters via our ActivTrack integration with Contant Contact.
To discuss your upgrade, please call us on 0845 65 88 121 or contact us via the site or email

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