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Fast, cost effective Postcode Capture for GoldMine


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Fast, cost effective Postcode Capture for GoldMine

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Typically the number of keystrokes required to enter a full postal address is reduced by 80% because a user only needs to enter the postcode and then an online lookup is performed which finds the address and enters it into the correct fields.  This enables businesses to capture customer information faster and more accurately making more time for employees to focus on their day-to-day jobs.

94% of businesses say address errors impact their performance and customer loyalty. If you get the data correct at the point of contact then you reduce the need to clean it once it is actually in your GoldMine database.

Key benefits of Postcode Anywhere for GoldMine include:


  • Simple Searching – only a postcode is required to return a full address to street level
  • Avoid typing and spelling errors – there is no need to copy or type an address, simply enter the postcode.
  • Recognises old postcodes – when postcodes are updated by the Royal Mail, the correct address is returned from both new and old postcodes
  • Speedy data capture and happier users (because you will never get back the five minutes of your life that you spend typing in a full address)!
  • Postcode Anywhere for GoldMine is far less costly than traditional integrations because credit can be purchased on a ‘Pay as you go’ basis rather than there being a requirement to licence the entire PAF File.

Credit packs start at only £50 so you can be up and running in mintes for a very low investment.  Please click here to download the product brochure with full details.

To sign up for an account, simply click here.   Once the account is created and a credit pack added then we will supply you with the integration software completly free of charge.   Please email, ring on 0845 65 88 121 or contact us for more information or help getting up and running.


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