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Getting Started with Facebook Marketing


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Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

Friday 15th June 2012

If you are going to start to maximise the opportunity that Facebook marketing  presents, then you need to start by looking at who is doing what, well, right now!

Approaches range from one extreme to another.    So, we have large campaigns from big brands using complicated apps right down to simple campaigns that seek to get the customers involved with hot current topics. The most successful formula is surely to blend old style traditional marketing along with the new social stuff?

For example, as official ‘Treat Provider’ to the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, Cadbury is encouraging the nation to get behind and cheer on Team GB. After 6 months of the public re-recording 80s Power Anthems it's time to march in time to them in the Cadbury Parade!

Cadbury is encouraging everyone to show support for Team GB by creating an Avatar and marching alongside friends, stars from the team and a few classic Cadbury creations. This all ties in with the ‘Unwrap Gold’ campaign which is traditional old style marketing along ‘Willy Wonka’ lines – get the right code and win tickets to the Games.

The good news is that you don’t need a Cadbury sized budget to jump onboard with Facebook marketing.  You literally just need to start with your website and a page and build it from there.  Below are three simple steps to help you get started:

Bring Facebook to Your Website

This is the number one thing to start with.  It only takes a few simple lines and can be one of the most powerful tools to improve brand awareness.  The Facebook “Like Box” allows you to show your Facebook page feed, the number of fans and pictures of people who are fans (who are also friends).

Give Your Fans Fun Reasons to Connect

People love a reason to get together. Why not has the equivalent of a happy hour or a ‘Friday Special’ on your Facebook wall? OK, so you can’t really serve beers and cocktails but you could ask people to post a funny link, nominate their favourite blog or get an expert online to answer their questions.  You could run a competition – everyone loves the chance to win anything even if the prize is about as useful as a chocolate teapot!

Make your Facebook Page a Social Community

Facebook is about being sociable.   Make your Facebook page inviting so that people want to visit, meet like minded people and keep going back there.  Keep it a two-way street – find out what your fans want to like and share with each other and build your strategy around those answers.    Remember, don’t just talk… listen!  What you post to your wall will show up in the news feeds of everyone who has liked your page, so, make sure what you’re posting is useful or entertaining to your fans.

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