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Raising the Olympic Torch to flexible working


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Raising the Olympic Torch to flexible working

Monday 16th July 2012

Raising the Olympic Torch to flexible working

The conciliation service, ACAS, has urged employers to consider allowing staff to work flexibly during the Olympics amid growing concern about anticipated disruption to the transport network.

A survey of 1,000 smaller firms by printing giant Lexmark showed that over two thirds were worried about travel and other problems, and half did not even have a policy on flexible or remote working. Advisers to the Mayor of London have suggested that the anticipated travel disruption that the Olympics is bound to create provides business owners with a chance to ‘rethink’ their business.

Prior Analytics has long been a champion of remote working and has won several awards in recent years for adopting, promoting and advising upon this practice.

Of course, there’s still a perception that remote workers lounge around in their pyjamas all day doing very little work. Whilst it’s true that they might be wearing their jogging bottoms, research has shown that remote workers are actually more productive than their office-based colleagues. In Microsoft’s Remote Working Research Summary over 70% of employees claimed to be more productive when they worked away from the office.

Enabling technology is key to ensuring that team members working from home or from small satellite offices have the right tools to do their job.  This also keeps them involved with their office based counterparts and makes sure that everyone sees the big picture regardless of location.

Prior Analytics offer a range of solutions all designed to ensure that employees can work efficiently and collaborate with their team members regardless of their location. 

For example, Sage CRM is a browser- based solution that can be accessed from a PC, laptop or tablet with an Internet connection.  This links the Sales, Marketing and Customer Care teams together because they all share one system encompassing contact management, diary management, Outlook integration, document management and workflow.

For those without a permanent connection to the Internet, a synchronising solution is recommended.  This provides a user with off-line access to the same systems as their office-based counterparts. Once they get back online, they can click to update the elements that they have added during their trip and receive updates back from their colleagues in return.  GoldMine is a very strong product in this respect with one of the most reliable and robust synchronisation processes around.

Prior can help you to devise and implement a flexible CRM remote working policy that will:

  • Recognise the different needs of your workers (office based, remote, flexible).
  • Assess the suitability of your CRM to support remote working.
  • Provide a centralised secure platform for company-wide data.
  • Simplify the engagement process for remote working.

With many anticipating business being slow during the Olympics,  it could prove the ideal time to focus on the subject and book a Prior consultant for a no obligation, free of charge review to assess your options and provide an action plan.


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