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Text Messaging from GoldMine has never been easier.


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Text Messaging from GoldMine has never been easier.

Tuesday 24th July 2012


If you’re having difficulties getting hold of the people that you need to speak to them think about using ActivSMS for GoldMine to text your contacts instead of emailing or calling them.

This clever little application does exactly what it says on the tin and allows you to text your contact (or a group of contacts) directly from within any version of GoldMine  -Corporate, Premium, version 6 onwards.  The message that you sent is then automatically recorded in GoldMine’s history in the same way as a call, action etc.  This makes it ideal for ensuring meeting attendees have confirmation details, sending out blasts about special offers or just internal communication between your own team members whilst they are lazing in the park!

You can personalise your messages because GoldMine fields can be inserted into your email templates and send them to individuals or groups on demand.

When the target group is defined, you can also identify Primary contacts in the top half of the record) and/or Additional contacts (contacts under the contacts tab) to be included in your group. To comply with permission based marketing rules you can then further refine your choice using GoldMine’s merge codes on both an include and exclude basis.

Features include:


  • Single Texts
  • Group Texts
  • Message Templates
  • ActivSMS works via the Internet so can work with your network and remote users
  • Records in history the message
  • Text to any network.
  • From as little as 4.5p per message
  • Designed to work with GoldMine 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9 & PE on dBase, Firebird or MS SQL.

ActivSMS is easy to install and use and you can have your team up and running with automatic texting straight from GoldMine within minutes.    Texts are simply purchased in bundles and loaded onto your designated credit account online by Prior Analytics.  You can choose to display a user-configurable phone number or a word in your Send Options.

For a free of charge, no obligation trial of ActivSMS for GoldMine including 20 text credits please ring Andy Rankin at Prior Analytics on 0845 65 88 121 and he will organise everything that  you need to get started.  Alternatively, fill out the contact form with your details and we will be in touch very shortly. 



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