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GoldMine Premium Edition Version 9.2.0 Build 59 Released


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GoldMine Premium Edition Version 9.2.0 Build 59 Released

Monday 13th August 2012


The key enhancements within this build are:

  • GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
  • Functionality within the GM+ View Tab now offers integration to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
  • The edit screens for scheduled and completed activities now include a button that that enables the user to see Notes displayed in a larger, re-sizable window.
  • GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook now supports the use of a GoldMine database with a secondary contact set.

The new build also contains a number of fixes listed below. 

Should I upgrade?

It’s always advisable to apply the latest releases of GoldMine as soon as it’s practically possible.  The Prior team are always on hand to advise about the suitability of each update for each customer’s particular circumstances.  Please do give us a call or drop us a line to plan your own upgrade.

What is fixed in 9.2.0?


1. When adding Site to GoldSync Site Group, Sites (Sub-licenses) are not ordered alphabetically.

2. Times are always shown in 24 hour format, regardless of local time format option .

3. GoldMine License Manager does not order GoldSync Sites alphabetically.

4. JavaScript error appears when changing view in Outlook .

5. If an Opportunity has a single associated pending Forecasted Sale, then update to Probability of one should automatically update Probability of other.

6. When NTLM authentication is selected, configuration screen incorrectly shows username and password fields.

7. E-mails with Base64 encoding are not displayed correctly when using Exchange.

8. Double-arrow button does not hide contact details when clicked.

9. To-do Reference column in Calendar week view does not show contact name.

10. Event date is not shown in Calendar week view.

11. GoldMine crashes upon launch via Terminal Services with KB2533623 installed on Windows Server 2008.

12. Body of e-mail is blank when auto-linking e-mail from Outlook 2010.

13. Performance issue in Outlook when there are many e-mail folders.

14. When performing a two-way sync with Outlook, calendar items linked to records with no contact name become unlinked in GoldMine and lose the company name in Outlook.

15. Linked Document move fails for mailbox attachments outside root directory.

16. New e-mails that are auto-retrieved to the Inbox will not display until user scrolls the screen.

17. Auto-retrieve in E-Mail Center reverts to default sort order by Date.

18. Merge and Edit will leave a copy of the template file in My Documents for the logged in user.

19. A field level conttlog is not created / updated if a user changes the data in the field but the lookup.ini instructions do not update the newly entered data.

20. The Synchronization tab does not display in the Setup GoldMine Plus options for non-master users.

21. Option to use a later Start Time is not respected when executing Automated Processes.

22. Printing a document using a filter does not respect the sort order that is set in the filter.

23. Print merge order is inconsistent for large contact groups.

24. Export from Excel to GoldMine creates incorrect relationship trees.


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